Groupe Franck PUTELAT

80 Chemin des Anglais 11000 CARCASSONNE
Tel: +33 4 68 71 80 80


Presentation of my cuisine…

Faithful to the cuisine, to surprising combinations and unexpected balances, the place reflects the harmony of dishes, flavors, textures and spirits.
The control of fire and temperatures evidenced by the flames that separate the spaces, the nature is controlled and reconstructed as much in the plates as in the decor and the structure of the elements.

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In my cooking, I look for the pure essence of the product, its own nature, its identity to sublimate it. Subtly, a bit like a melody that should first be refined to the extreme, keeping only a few notes, before composing it to be able to reveal it again.


From the land to the sea, from the mountains to the plains, from the Jura to the Aude, all the lands are made to meet, leave each other, find each other, this is the deep meaning of the paths of life, of my personal history. My nature pushes me to experiment, beyond cultural blockages, to search for balance between very different products, stories. Perhaps more than I can express it by myself, my cooking reflects an open-mindedness propitious to encounters with contrasts. The most beautiful encounters.

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A place of graphic elegance, like a luminous case. The restaurant with its contemporary design contrasts with the ancestral stones of Carcassonne. Its sober and warm atmosphere, drawn from the wisdom of ancient Japan, offers a case of choices for sharing the intense emotions created by the chef’s cuisine.


The 5-star Hotel “Le Parc” and its seven rooms with an elegant and refined design allow visitors to the Medieval City of Carcassonne to experience a real journey. A unique experience, a parenthesis out of time, like a stolen from your everyday life to leave room only to intense feelings: those revealed by an inventive, fair and tasty cuisine, and a unique, serene and charming place.

All my teams want you to have an exceptional time...


Tuesday to Saturday - from 12:00 p.m.


Tuesday to Saturday - from 7:30 p.m.

For your reservations, do not hesitate to call us directly at 0468718080


80 Chemin des Anglais – 11000 CARCASSONNE
+33 4 68 71 80 80

"In the same way we went to see Franck Putelat in Carcassonne, letting ourselves be carried away by the man. Maximum concentration in the kitchen, transmission is a serious matter, the culinary line is extremely worked, but he is a real teddy bear in the kitchen. We knew some like that, often MOFs moreover, for whom cooking is their whole life, who put pressure on themselves, who have an ambition, who work to pass the baton to the younger generation. they drop the jacket, there are no more borders. These are often the most interesting encounters, the ones where we need this time spent together to split the armor a little and get into intimacy. "


"Who's the boss? It's Franck Putelat, recognized, respected, even admired, for his action, his energy and a clear success which gives him foresight and a spirit of enterprise, maturity has come. And the plate? It is superb, well thought out, the restaurant offers unequaled comfort and charm in this modernity-identity diptych, because that is what it is all about, a signature cuisine that is not afraid to show its roots and even its high standards. traditional French and regional We like to find the successes of the chef, potato and caviar, oyster and beef tartare, land-sea that slam, explode in the mouth to put you in condition, before the "bouillabaisse" foie gras shellfish cranquette (the favouilles), and then the idea of the season, shellfish and courgette flower, and the magnificent cassoulet with pigeon, Morteau and beans from Castelnaudary, as it should be in Aude. Of course, you need a solid appetite for this very beautiful sequence of a royal dinner, but it ends at also in the freshness with grapefruit, then the tangy tomato chocolate hitch with a chocolate basil vinaigrette. Great train service, which we found in great shape and fluid as ever, cellar forged over the years, very strong, with an efficient sommelier team led by the excellent Gabriel Carrière, whom we met at Anne-Sophie Peak. "

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"The medieval city is part of the immemorial heritage of Carcassonne and its region... and one could almost say the same of Franck Putelat. Installed at the foot of the ramparts of the said city, this native of the Jura, Audois by adoption, cooks the products of his large vegetable garden (one hectare) according to the concept of classic-fiction that he himself theorized. Translation on the plate: a clever diversion of old gastronomic hits, which the chef takes elsewhere according to his inspiration of the day Three examples that have become must-haves: parmentier with Biju de Méditerranée, cassoulet with squab supreme and thigh sausage, or even bouillabaisse with duck foie gras Appetizing visuals, taste and finesse: we revel in an atmosphere lively, among a very diverse clientele. For dessert, pastry chef Alexis Pocinho chisels a particularly balanced sweet score."

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